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"Helping the Homeless"
Paradise Inn and Northwest Furniture Bank guest at a time

Can something you used only once help someone less fortunate? Unfortunately, the simple pleasures of a warm shower and comfortable bed are not available to everyone in our country.  Our "Helping the Homeless" program began in 2007 when our housekeeping attendants began collecting partially used room amenities instead of throwing them in the trash.  We take these amenities to The Rescue Mission in Tacoma, Washington where over 8,000 people can enjoy a warm shower with soap, shampoo, and lotion collected from our guest rooms.

One small gift does make a tremendous difference in the lives of others!

Dear Guests,
Please join us in making a difference. Leave behind your used amenities for our housekeeping staff to collect. We deliver these amenities to The Rescue Mission in Tacoma where thousands of those less fortunate enjoy a warm shower. If you would like more information regarding our program, please email our Environmental Coordinator.
Thank you for staying with us!

Special Report -- In 2008, we replaced 167 mattresses in the Paradise Inn guest rooms and donated all of these mattresses to the Northwest Furniture Bank, a faith-based organization dedicated to helping people who have suffered tragedy.

"The Rescue Mission in Tacoma is a non-profit organization that specializes in helping those in need. Whether its food, shelter, clothing, transitional housing, or specialty needs, we are there. Our passion is to show God's love by meeting the needs of those we reach."

Pierce County Homeless Survey 2012
(2013 survey in process)
  • There were 1,997 homeless men, women and children in Pierce County, a decrease of 3.4% compared to the 2011 survey.  There was a 2% increase in the number of households with children compared to 2011.  
  • Households with children represent 66% of those in transitional housing programs.  Households without children represent 98% of those living on the streets.
  • 5%  reported alcohol and substance abuse as issues.
  • 8% reported mental health as an issue.
For more information contact: Department of Community Services: 253-798-6931